Order Your New Truck Today

Order Your New Truck Today

Purchase truck parts from a heavy-duty truck dealer in Lancaster, NY

You can get a lot done once you've got the right equipment. That's why buying your next vehicle from Precision Truck & Equipment Sales makes such a big difference.

A heavy-duty truck dealer can set you up with a truck that suits your needs perfectly, whether you're delivering inventory or hauling landscaping materials. Our medium- to heavy-duty trucks make your job easier.

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Winston trailers are great for carrying equipment. These trailers can hold from six to 30 tons of equipment, excellent for bringing materials to your next job site. We are authorized dealers of Winston trailers. You can trust us to give you a great price and a reliable trailer.

We also work with Godwin manufacturing to provide dump bodies and platform bodies, or flatbeds. These trucks can serve as car carriers and equipment carriers.

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